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Happy Tip Tuesday from Great Day Dental Did you know that Great Day Dental offers teeth whitening?  Call either of our locations listed below to find out more 1532 W Broadway, Suite 101, Madison, WI, 53713.          608-221-3326 2010 Eastwood Dr, Suite 203, Madison, WI, 53704.           608-241-1579 The Great Day Dental Team
Happy Tip Tuesday From Great DayDental I met someone today who said to me: "Happy Marzipan Day"!  I said: "I beg your pardon?"   Well ... after a short conversation I learned that a Marzipan is a tasty combination of honey and almond meal that is dipped in chocolate.  Upon hearing this I thought: "I have to warn our patients about the potential danger that is hidden in this delicious word"!   So, here is the tip of the day: Chew your Marzipans slowly ... and carefully   and, Chew your Marzipans at your own risk! In the unlikely event of a dental emergency you can always count on us.  With an awesome hygiene team and two of the best dentists in Madison, WI, we look forward to serving your dental needs. The Great Day Dental Team!
 Great Day Dental Tip Tuesday Do you have a joke that will make everyone smile? Share below!  Clean jokes that are brushed and flossed ... please! The Great Day Dental Team!