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Great Day Dental Tip Tuesday   2020 is almost over and what a year it has been ... it started out by making us wonder  how our society is formed,  what are our priorities  what does the future hold.   It was a year that we faced  a terrible virus,  shortage of products and services  and most importantly isolation which brought us face to face with ourselves.   2021 is coming with change in the air.  There is hope that the vaccine will be distributed to all before summer and we are all ready to meet again with loved friends and family under normal circumstances. For us at Great Day Dental, 2020 has been a challenging year also and we have managed to keep providing our patients with excellent service while maintaining a safe environment for all.  As the new year is coming, we look forward to the changes and to continue serving your dental needs in Madison Wisconsin.   Happy New Year  from The Great Day Dental Team
Great Day Dental Tip Tuesday!!    Leave a toothbrush at work on your desk so that you remember to brush your teeth after lunch.  If you need an extra toothbrush stop by in either of our locations and we are happy to provide you with a spare! 1532 W Broadway, Suite 101, Madison, WI, 53558 2010 Eastwood Drive, Suite 203, Madison, WI, 53704 Share with us how you keep your mouth feeling fresh throughout the day!    The Great Day Dental Team!  
Happy Tip Tuesday from Great Day Dental We have a special going on now in our Eastwood location only for new patients that do not have dental insurance: Exam, XRays and Cleaning $99 for Cash Only Patients 2010 Eastwood Drive, Suite 203, Madison, WI, 53704   Call 608-241-1579 to schedule your appointment Do you have insurance?  We accept most insurances and we are in Network with major ones like Delta Dental, Humana, Guardian and others.   The Great Day Dental Team
 Happy Tip Tuesday from Great Day Dental If you knock out a tooth, here are a few steps that might help ensure Great Day Dental can save your smile: don't touch the root of the tooth rinse it off with milk (if dirty) keep it moist by dropping it into a glass of milk ... and get to our office quickly Have you ever knocked out a tooth?  Tell us your story in the comment section below ... The Great Day Dental Team
Happy Tip Tuesday From Great Day Dental A beautiful morning in Madison and at 24 F it seems that even the sun has teeth!  Dr Global Warming is seeing this patient in Wisconsin!   Today is National Pie Day ... some will bake it ... some will buy it ... we will all enjoy it.  Our doctors and hygienists encourage you to enjoy your pie slowly, especially if it has nuts.  Sometimes there are fragments of nut shells left behind that can cause damage to teeth.   As always ... remember to floss and brush! The Great Day Dental Team